Saturday, August 27, 2016

Recipe: Vegan Dill Dip with Pumpernickel Bread

This was a requisite dish at our family Christmas parties when I was growing up. It was generally placed next to the punch for ease of hovering. I’ve brought my veganized version to two parties this year, and it’s been a hit both times (at one, the hosts secretly held some back to use as a spread on bagels the next morning). I haven’t been able to find this exact recipe online, so I don’t know where it originally came from.

At our Christmas parties, the dip was served in a bowl carved out of a pumpernickel round. This always struck me as wasteful – much of the bread becomes soggy, and that bread and dip isn’t eaten. The rounds can also be hard to find. So I prefer to serve it in a bowl surrounded by cubed/squared pumpernickel bread.

Here’s the dip recipe:

• 3 cups vegan sour cream (I use Tofutti Better than Sour Cream)

• 3 cups vegan mayonnaise (I use Original Vegenaise)

• 4 tsp. dill weed

• 4 tsp. beau monde (Spice Islands is the only brand I know of that makes it, so wherever sells Spice Islands spices should have it)

• 4 tbsp. onion flakes

• 4 tbsp. parsley flakes

Just stir it all together in a big bowl. The key is letting it sit in a covered dish in the refrigerator overnight so the onion flakes soften and the flavors meld.

So good.

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