Saturday, August 27, 2016

by CHLOE. (New York, NY)

I’ve probably used Chloe Coscarelli’s more than any other cookbook, so I was excited to learn last year that she would be opening a restaurant in Manhattan. By all indications, it’s been a smashing success. In addition to the original Bleecker Street location (to which she’ll be adding a sweet shop), she recently opened one in the Flatiron district, and will soon be opening a third Manhattan location in SoHo, two in Boston, and another in Los Angeles.

Pretty much the only negative comments in the reviews I read of the original Bleecker location concerned the crowds and long lines, so I was happy to be able to try the new Flatiron shop shortly after it opened and before word got out. Even so, it filled up quickly and the line was steady the entire time we were there. Despite the heavy traffic and the restaurant’s small size, it was an airy and cheerful place for a bite. Everything was her style – cute and lighthearted but professionally done. And casual, good vegan restaurants are exactly what New York has needed.

My friend had the guac burger and a Hostess-style cupcake. She raved about them, telling people that if she lived in Manhattan she would eat at by CHLOE. every day. I liked that the burger, which came in a cute little bag, was just the right size; unwieldy and messy sandwiches are irritating. I had the trendy smashed avocado toast, which perfectly hit the spot, the decadent mac & cheese with shitake bacon, and a perfect cookie. I, too, would happily eat there every day.

I was sorry not to have noticed the pupcakes and bags o’ dog bones before I’d ordered and the line behind me grew. Next time. Oh – there’s also a by Chloe. blog, with a helpful travel section.

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